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A community to bring together the next generation aspiring space entrepreneurs and technologists to collaborate, innovate and connect with seasoned space industry mentors so we can facilitate the transfer of knowledge, skills and resources that will fuel the next breakthroughs in the space frontier.

Meet Kevin Rice

Acquire the Skills, Knowledge & Perspective Forged Over 40 years of Business Leadership for Lockheed Martin and NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab. 

Kevin on to have an illustrious 20 year career as the Director of Business Management for both Lockheed Martin's Skunkworks and then NASA's JPL.

During his time there, Kevin revolutionised not only the way JPL conducts business processes, but his leadership and management philosophies have been widely adopted across NASA through his authoring of the aptly named “Dark Green Book” which now serves as the model for NASA’s business practices.

Responsible for creating, implementing and overseeing the world class business capability Kevin won NASA’s Outstanding Achievement in Leadership award in 2014.
His work in this area has affectionately earned him the moniker of “NASA’s Father of Business Management” throughout the agency. 

His passion for teaching and mentorship has led him to be a keynote speaker at domestic and international cost conferences and symposiums and member of multiple project review boards, as well as an adjunct professor of finance and international business for the University of Redlands for 30 years.

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